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Your Fastest Path To New Business!

TaylorMade Marketing: adj. customized promotions created or designed specifically for you, made to match your business objectives!

Through the years we have found so many gifted and motivated professionals with outstanding products and services yet, for some reason (which you will see below) they had very little of their market share.

When your sales are consistently too low, there are clues we can help you find! When you look a little deeper with a trained eye, you will find that many of these businesses and practices were actually avoiding the easiest and most important components of the marketing discipline required to really win in their respective markets.

In many cases, we found that the owner, manager, or an influential sales representative believes that marketing and selling is an aggressive and selfish -- or even worse -- a shady trade.

It's easy to see how this negative approach will ruin even the best of intentions and force a great business potential to quickly end in failure.

It could have you and/or your sales team sabotaging your daily efforts. This is just one of many issues in business that can prevent a great idea like yours from reaching the levels of success you seek.

When we stay focused we win! We create a solid marketing plan designed with your budget and goals in mind. It's just smart to hire people and teams with the specialized knowledge for the things that you can't or simply don't do - and yet, they still need to be done. Things such as strategic marketing, planning, web and print design to get your offers more creative, compelling and "out there in front of your best target market(s)"... so that you can thrive doing what you do best!

This is where we play!
Strategy, consulting, speaking, teaching, writing winning copy, and doing creative design services is our calling. We can help with our ideas, consulting, fast and affordable creative design services.

A"TaylorMade Marketing System" will fit into your most natural business style, because it's always designed to your specific needs and revenue goals. We can provide the words, experience, and action plans that you need to enhance your offers very quickly.

If you bring in guest speakers and experts to share ideas with your staff at sales meetings and other events;
Scott Taylor's 7 - Marketing Must Haves is full of Rich Marketing & Mindset Strategies. This is a talk worth sharing with your team!
Call or write for details and to set up an appointment!

We get it done for you with real cash counting improvements on how you can expose your goods and services online, in print, and face-to-face with your target markets for more winning results. Often this is done with less effort and cost, which can instantly begin to ignite more of the marketing and sales results you are now seeking.

If you find yourself or your staff working in a mentality of scarcity as opposed to one of abundance, enjoyment, honesty, and value; we can help you develop your own "TaylorMade" Marketing system to quickly ensure that you direct your efforts from now on -- into the proper target markets that best fit your goals, offers, style, and approach.

When you accomplish a more defined clarity of purpose, skill and understanding of the real value proposition(s) your products and services bring to your target markets, access and develop your team, you quickly begin to reap the rewards that were always yours for the taking. You will be serving the right clients, the right markets -- and with a "TaylorMade" offer, you will be providing their true wants and wishes more easily and more often!

This is “TaylorMade Marketing” -- It’s more than a name… it’s the right way to market!

If your sales are down, let's be honest… either you don't know what to do to find, engage, and establish the quality and caring relationships with the prospects and clients that can and will hire you or you do know “sort of” what to do to get more clients, but you're not actually doing it.

This is after all "A CONTACT SPORT." So, contact Scott Taylor when you are ready to put a solid plan of action in place with a winning mindset to go the distance!

Call... or send an email now.

Balance is key to real wealth and success.
Let's make it about having More Fun and More Profits!

- Scott Taylor
President / CEO
TaylorMade Marketing